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“Robin Stratton puts into words what we, women, have been thinking since the beginning of time. We love men and think we understand them, but really, this is all about us. Dealing with Men exposes what we feel but are afraid to say: there's the woman in our lives who has always had her pick of men but settles for dirt cheap misery; how we call back our men after fights just to hear their voices; forced bonding with the faux wicked teenage daughter of a favorite boyfriend. Stratton is clever, funny, and downright sexy when she needs to be.”
~ Shoots and Vines Magazine

“Robin Stratton is our quirky and often hilarious guide through funny, sometimes bizarre, and even tragic moments in Interference from an Unwitting Species. Her topics are broad, and questions often lie at the heart of her poems... her humor, honesty, and accessible emotion prevail throughout in a chapbook that keeps you on your toes. She knocks us off guard with her wit and charm and then jabs quickly with painful poems written about the death of a friend. In poems such as ‘Perfect’ and ‘You Lingered Before Leaving,’ Stratton’s work becomes intensely personal as she delves into loss and her friend’s final days, and what it’s like to continue living after a death. Interference from an Unwitting Species is indeed a series of delightful anecdotes, humorous musings, and compelling insights.” ~ Pedestal Magazine

“On Air is a hilarious and poignant story of redemption and of finding the courage to discover what really matters.”
~ Tom Mahony, Imperfect Solitude


“Nobody but nobody gets the man-woman thing better than author Robin Stratton, whose new book Of Zen and Men is a deeply inspiring and authentic portrayal of one woman’s journey of recovery and self-discovery. Striking the perfect balance of candor and humor, she leaves us feeling wiser and entirely whole. Powerful and moving, this is a gem of a novel; heartfelt, inspiring, and unflinching in its honesty.”
~ Blink-Ink Magazine


“As a scientist, I was riveted to In His Genes; as an author, I admired how this novel has it all: a disease so realistic that it had me scouring the scientific literature to see if it exists, a frantic race to find a cure, a modest and likeable heroine-scientist who faces an overwhelming ethical conundrum, and the appearance of a mysterious savior on the scene. In all, a wonderfully written and extremely interesting novel that will undoubtedly captivate lovers of science and literature alike.”
~ Dr. Steven Caplan, Matter over Mind and Welcome Home, Sir


“Reading Blue or Blue Skies is like curling up with an intimate friend. The fluid writing and emotional insights draw the reader in and suspend the passage of time. A vivid portrait of heartbreak and redemption; nobody depicts relationship dynamics like Robin Stratton.”
~ Lascaux Review

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